The faculty may also perform the activity in teaching bases of other public health institutions, if within its internal organizational units there are no conditions for providing quality teaching process for certain subject contents. The conditions, norms and standards for exercising the activity from the previous paragraph are determined by the Dean’s Administration, and the decision for performing the activity in teaching bases outside the Faculty is passed by the Teaching-Scientific Council. On the basis of the decision from the previous paragraph, the dean concludes an agreement with the public health institution – a teaching base. The teaching bases of this article do not have the status of internal organizational units of the Faculty.

The Faculty has the following teaching bases:

  • PHI University Clinic for Surgical Diseases “St. Naum Ohridski” -Skopje
  • PHI Institute of Occupational Medicine of the Republic of Macedonia, Skopje
  • PHI Institute for Child Lung Diseases “Kozle”, Skopje
  • PHI Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation “Presveta Bogorodica” – Skopje
  • City General Hospital “8th September” – Skopje (former Military Hospital)
  • PHI Republic Institute for Transfusion – Skopje
  • PHI Special Hospital for Gynecology and Obstetrics “Cair” Skopje
  • PHI Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia
  • PHI Psychiatric Hospital “Skopje” – Skopje
  • PHI City Health Care Institute – Skopje
  • PHI Institute for Rehabilitation of Hearing, Speech and Voice – Skopje