The Medical Students’ Society MSS is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental society of medical students. It’s established with the free will of students for the purpose of realization, protection and reconciliation of their interests and beliefs in order to improve the status of medical students in the civil society and medical profession, as well as carrying out activities for raising the public’s awareness, strengthening volunteering and enhancing the possibilities for networking of medical students.

The activities and projects of the Medical Students’ Society MSS derive from the goals of the society as well as from the needs of the target groups, which are students of medicine and medical sciences at the state universities.


The main objectives and tasks of the Medical Students’ Society MSS are:

  • Dissemination of knowledge and transfer of experiences related to medical sciences;
  • Raising public awareness and education of general population on current topics in the society, and related to the medical sciences studied by students;
  • Representing the interests of medical students in front of the faculties of medicine and medical sciences, the institutions and the general population in the country;
  • Taking an active part in creating student related policies;
  • Protection and promotion of the rights and status of students of medicine and medical sciences;
  • Providing assistance in the realization of the rights of every student in their studies arising from laws, statutes of universities and other regulations covering studies of medical students;
  • Strengthening volunteering and social responsibility in order to reduce discrimination among students of different social status, different ethnic and national background, while encouraging them to work together.

The work of the society is coordinated and supervised by the Executive Board, while the activities and projects are carried out by the Public Health Board, the Medical Education Board, the Student Rights and Policies Board and the Board of International Cooperation.


  • Address: 31 Vodnjanska street, Skopje
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  • Tel: + 389 71 225 401
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