The Teaching Scientific Council is an expert body of management at the Faculty. The Teaching-Scientific Council (TSC) is comprised of the Dean, Professors and representatives elected by the departments by the regular and associate professors and associate professors in proportion to the teachers selected or deployed in the departments of the Faculty. In the TSC, their representatives have collaborators and students: eight representatives from the assistants (assistants and junior assistants) are equally represented by the appropriate group, that is, two collaborators from the preventive, basic, surgical and internist group. The associate members of the Teaching and Scientific Council, by secret ballot, select the co-workers from the respective groups. Students are represented by 10 representatives from the Student Parliament of the Faculty.

The mandate of the representatives of the teaching-scientific workers of the Departments, the representatives of the collaborators – members of the Teaching-Scientific Council, lasts 2 years with the right to re-election. The mandate of the students’ representatives lasts for two years.

The sessions of the Teaching Scientific Council are public and are held as: regular, elective, thematic, extraordinary and commemorative. As an exception, the TSC may decide to work without the presence of the public.

On regular sessions, current issues are discussed. Elections of the Dean and Deacons, elections in teaching-scientific and associate titles, as well as election of boards and commissions are conducted at the election sessions. The NNS holds a commemorative session only on the occasion of the death of a teacher. The TSC holds festive sessions on occasion of anniversaries, celebrations and in other cases. TSC on certain current issues and issues, holds thematic sessions or extraordinary sessions.

Committees and commissions of the TSC

TSC establishes permanent and temporary boards, commissions and other working bodies for the study and drafting of draft acts, proposals, opinions, etc. for certain issues in his field.
Permanent boards and commissions of the Teaching-Scientific Council are:

  • The teaching board,
  • The Scientific board,
  • Personnel board,
  • The Postgraduate Studies board,
  • The Board for specializations and sub-specializations,
  • The Board of Health,
  • The Judicial Medical Examination Board,
  • The Public Health Board,
  • Board of publishing,
  • Ethics Committee for Human Research,
  • Ethical Committee for Animal Experiments,
  • The Commission for International Cooperation,
  • The Commission for self-evaluation,
  • The Commission for Library Information System,
  • Board for financial-material issues,

The Academic-Scientific Council, if necessary, establishes temporary boards and commissions for certain current situations, with precisely determined content, period and composition.

The Teaching, Scientific and Staff Board, the Teaching-Scientific Council forms on a proposal of the departments, on a parity principle, with one representative from each department.

The other permanent boards and commissions of the NHS are formed on the proposal of the Dean’s Administration, taking into account the adequate representation of the respective disciplines.

Standing committees and commissions, the Teaching-Scientific Council formed with the election of the dean.

The members are obliged to regularly attend the sessions of their boards and committees.

Members of committees and committees can make suggestions on certain questions in oral or written form, as well as to set up on board sessions or committees requests from the respective departments.

The members are obliged to inform the departments on the work of the boards and commissions and to inform them about the adopted draft decisions and other acts.